Author Topic: Din Kuch Aise Guzarta Hai Koi Poem Lyrics with English Translation. Gulzar  (Read 5903 times)


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Din Kuch Aisey Guzarta Hai Koi
Jaisey Ehsaan Utarta Hai Koi
Aaina Dekh Kar Tasal-li Hui
Humko Is Ghar Mein Janta Hai Koi
Paak Gaya Hai Sajar Pe Fal Shayed
Phir Se Patthar Uchaltaa Hai Koi
Der Se Gunj-tte Hain Sannate
Jaisey Humko Pukarta hai Koi

Engish Translation

Days, weeks and months pass,
Repaying a lifelong debt, in a trance.
A chance encounter with one's own reflection,
Is reassuring knowledge of another acquaintance,
Perhaps the fruit has ripened in its branch,
That it hath become a target to stones,
The echoes of silence take their time in ringing,
As though someone called out in afterthought.

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