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Land measurement system of Punjab


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  • Land measurement system of Punjab

    In rural parts or India before the modern age an old Land Measurement system was used. It has a few references to some new Punjabi Songs and movies. I recently heard it in Happy Raikoti's new song 7 Kanaalan. I saw a ton of people on youtube and other social networking sites wondering what it meant or what exactly was it's measurement in modern metric system. Below are a few terms that will help you understand this old land measurement system.

    There were two parallel systems at that time. One was

    Marle, Kanaal, Acre and the other one was sarsaali, Visve, Bigha, Keela/Ghuma.

    20 Marle = 1 Kanaal
    8 Kanaal= 1 Acre
    1 Acre = 40 Karma X 36 Karma
    1 Karma= 5.5 feet
    1 Acre= 4840 Yard

    Now the other system
    Visva= 12 Sarsaahi
    1 Bigha= 20 Visve
    1 Keela/Ghuma= 40 Karma X 40 Karma
    1 Keela/Ghuma= 5 Bighe (There are some parts of India where 1 Keela is of 6 Bighe)
    2.47 Acre= 1 Hectare
    2 Acre= 1 Murabba

    This system clearly wasn't very reliable and it was mostly changed after murabbebandi took place.