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Which 3D TV is better, active or passive?


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  • Which 3D TV is better, active or passive?

    Many non-conclusive studies recommends passive 3D over active for a home setup (they "think" passive would be easier on kids than active shutter glasses).

    Personally I would go with passive for the following reasons:
    - Active shutter reduces brightness (increasing the brightness "might" fix this depending on taste and display).
    - Active shutter introduces flickering (even at 120hz), depending on how messed up you brain already is, it goes from unnoticeable to source of headaches and eye strain.
    - Passive glasses are maintenance free, cost about $10 a pair and super lightweight, Active glasses are heavy in comparison requires pre-charging or battery replacement and cost around $50 (when you are lucky).
    - Many have hammered down Passive 3D for perceived interlacing (as each eye is seeing half the picture all the time), LG seems to have utilized the 120hz refresh rate to fix that issue for all 2011 (and later) models.