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What is the best Site to buy Music CD's Online


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  • What is the best Site to buy Music CD's Online

    Deal with the artist directly.There are a number of reasons.Firstly, they get the majority of the money (the most important thing), but I often find I get more personalised packages sent through with free stuff (bonus!) and often a conversation with an artist has got me first dibs on rare stuff and other cool things. I spoke to Sean McCann about an OOP record on his label and after a few back and forth emails he found a spare copy and had it sent out to me. You don't get that level of customer service from a big retailer, thats for sure.

    Customer service is important even when buying music. The two way respect to the artist and back to you as a customer is so, so welcome. I wish it was more prevalent within the music industry. A couple of other labels have sent me out promo copies of crap before the release. Happy buyer.

    As for third party retailers, I buy a lot from Experimedia and Boomkat, Norman Records and, occasionally, Aquarius Records, they all cater for my needs, so to speak. Amazon is another good option.

    If you're looking for something that's out of print or whatever, I've had good experiences with Discogs.

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    Re: What is the best Site to buy Music CD's Online

    ;D thanks for the info