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Novels with unconventional narrative


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  • Novels with unconventional narrative

    I get pretty bored of books with standard narratives, it's something beyond my mind, but I cannot stand it. I never liked too much reading books, and after thinking about what would be the problem... I think it's the conventional form of most of the books. I dislike third person narratives, I dislike detailed descriptions that goes nowhere, I dislike the attempt of making a logical, understandable story. If I try to think the type of movies & music I usually watch/hear, they're pretty unconventional (and underground). I never was a friend of the cultural "totems" of our society and history, but it's hard to get beyond that in literature, It's a vast world. I always lacked a way to find "different" novels, with different narratives. I liked some Kafka, Camus, Hesse, but I cannot advance further because I don't know. I try to pick novels from my library but I don't like them. I remember when I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey when I was nineteen or so, that was the film that started the habit of discovering another world in cinema, it gave me a different type of understanding cinema, it was the first stone of the evolution. After that, I watched hundreds, maybe thousands of movies more, my tastes evolved and grew, I see myself and I'm surprised when I pick some german film from the 30s of some russian cinema from the 60s, I enjoy them immensely, the kind of movies nobody recommends to you, that don't appear on lists, but instead you discover like a treasure.

    So, I need literature. I think I'm losing something valuable because I only see the "classics" of literature, or the typical best sellers, and I don't enjoy neither. I have a different approach to things, and I need a different type of books. Maybe this topic could be the start of something for me.

    Care to recommend something?