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  • Intellectual Pursuits

    So what are your intellectual pursuits, if any?

    Do you need the stimulation of being satisfied intellectually to feel content? How do you decide what is a waste of time for you in reaching a goal of achieving this? What criteria to you makes something a less intellectual activity then another?

    I never appreciated learning until after I finished high school, then I got an interest in film and literature and since then i've been regretting a lot of things. The only thing that would really leave me feeling complete is learning something new, some mindblowing tidbit of information that made me see and appreciate the world in a different light where for a shining moment everything fits together like a nice jigsaw puzzle. I have to keep that constant buzz or I just fall into a malaise which is hard to get out of.

    I can't play video games often (as much as I enjoy them) they feel like an incredible waste of time to me. Even social commitments irk me sometimes, mindless chit-chat and gossip annoys the hell out of me. I don't know what my end goal in learning and putting off mindless entertainment is but I don't know, i'm studying film (self-taught) and hoping it'll benefit me somehow I guess to be a little more knowledgeable about the world and spend less time being hedonistic.

    Tell me your situation