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Koi Umeed Bar Nahin Aati Lyrics Mirza Ghalib Poem With English Translation


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  • Koi Umeed Bar Nahin Aati Lyrics Mirza Ghalib Poem With English Translation

    Koi Umeed Bar Nahin Aati with English Translation

    koi ummeed bar naheen aatee
    koi soorat nazar naheen aatee

    I do not see any hope in living.
    There is no solution in sight.

    maut ka ek din mu'ayyan hai
    neehd kyon raat bhar naheeh aatee?

    Death is definite one day. It has to come someday certainly to everyone.
    But why can't I sleep in the night.

    aage aatee thee haal-e-dil pe hansee
    ab kisee baat par naheen aatee

    Earlier I was able to laugh at the dilemma of my heart.
    But now I am unable to laugh at anything.

    jaanta hoon sawaab-e-taa'at-o-zahad
    par tabeeyat idhar naheen aatee

    Though I know the benefits and rewards of devotion and religious duty, but I am in no mood of it.
    It's not in my temperament these days.

    hai kuchch 'eisee hee baat jo chup hoon
    warna kya baat kar naheen aatee?

    This is such a matter that it is better to be quiet.
    Otherwise there is no such thing which I can not speak of

    kyon na cheekhoon ki yaad karate hain
    meree aawaaz gar naheen aatee

    Why shouldn't I yell with joy at those old glorious days.
    But my voice fails to produce a sound.

    daagh-e-dil gar nazar naheen aata
    boo bhee 'ei chaaraagar ! naheen aatee

    Though nobody can see the wound of my heart,
    but the wound is festering and yet the healer does not come.

    ham wahaan hain jahaan se hamko bhee
    kuchch hamaaree khabar naheen aatee

    I am in such a situation right now,
    from where even I am unable to get any news of myself.

    marte hain aarzoo mein marne ki
    maut aatee hai par naheen aatee

    I am dying of impatience in hope of death.
    Death arrives, but it does not.

    kaaba'a kis munh se jaaoge 'Ghalib'
    sharm tumko magar naheen aatee

    How will you go to Kaaba? O Ghalib!
    You do not have any shame left.