You’ve got hold on my soul
I’m trying to figure out your goal
Didn’t mean tears in your eyes
I just dreamt of a paradise
Just you and me alone
But now you can’t even answer your phone
You had a wish to find a mate
As you asked me out for a date
From the bottom of my heart, I feel sorry for you
Didn’t knew what the hell was true
The truth of yours made me feel sad
Even you weren’t there to make me feel glad
I was mad
I wrote your name on sand
I didn’t thought that wind could blow it away
And even my friend wrote it on my hand
And the names written doesn’t stay
Even for a day
My tears burst as a fountain
I even tried to cut my vein
Awaking suddenly, I went to Hungry Jacks
You weren’t there and I came back
I thought, I am born with so many colours around
But after losing you, I almost drowned
You’ve learned a nice art
First to play with a girl and then to break her heart
You’ve made my life a joke,
Now, I’ve nothing left to note…