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Naam Sai Da Bol Lyrics & English Translation Yamla Jatt


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  • Naam Sai Da Bol Lyrics & English Translation Yamla Jatt

    Song: Naam Sain Da Bol
    Artist: Yamla Jatt

    Naam Sai Da Bol Lyrics with English Translation

    Naam Saain Da-E Bol

    Jungle De Wich Khoha Lawa De
    Utte Pawa De Dol
    Sakhiya Naam Sai Da Bol

    Shad De Chori Yaari Thaggi
    Daga Fareb Kamauna
    Eh Insaani Jaama
    Mud Ke Tere hath Nahin Auna
    Nahin Milne Tenu Palangh Nawari
    Bistar hona E Gol
    Naam Sai Da Bol

    Apna Keeta Sabh NE Paana Jo Duniya Te Aaya
    Khaali Hathi Jaoo Nimana Jisne Waqt Gawaya
    Waqt Gawacha Hath Nahin Auna
    Kyun Baneya Anbhol
    Naam Sai Da Bol

    Maas Begana Kha Kha Palna
    Laalch Lagna Jarle
    Jinna Waaste Paap Kamaane
    Nahin Mann-ne Tere Karle
    Tere Naal Kise Nahin Jaan
    Jinah Naal Karen Kalol
    Naam Sai Da Bol

    Na Kar Neend Pyaari Aini
    Is Nahin Paar Langhauna
    Dekhin Tenu Jaag Nahin Auni
    Ik Din Aisa sauna
    Es Mitti Wich Fir Nahin Sun-ne
    Wajjan Kanna Wich Dhol
    Naam Sai Da Bol

    Da Duniya Te Sattar Aa Kar
    Yeyudh Ne Farmaya
    Aaye Sawali Mod Na Khaali
    Jo Tere Dar Aaya
    Bhaag Hathan Naal Kari Khairatan
    Jo Kujh Tere kol
    Naam Sai Da Bol

    Translation by Pal Inder Singh Chahal, San Jose, Claifornia U.S.A

    The song translates something like this, "Oh my friend, sing the praises of the Creator! Put a water well in a jungle and then sing praises of the Almighty. Leave aside all vices of telling lies, stealing and adultery, you will not get another human life to clean your sins. You may not get comforts of life and your life will be rolled-out to leave earth, so sing the praises of the Master. What ever one sows, so he/she reaps. One who has wasted time without prayers, will leave empty-hands and will regret. The good time of prayers will not come back to your hands, do not be so simpleton now. If one eats other's meat or earnings and one isflourishing and does all these sins for its children. The children will not go with you to save your soul, so sing the praises of the Creator. Do not love the sleep so much, one day you will be sleeping for ever and ever. One day even drums will not wake you from death. Whoever needy comes to your door for help, help whatever you can do. And sing the praises of the Waheguru....".