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Mucch Te Mashook Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation Amrit Mann


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  • Mucch Te Mashook Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation Amrit Mann

    Song: Mucch te Mashook
    Artist: Amrit Mann

    Meaning: The lyricist has used Mucch (Mustache) as a symbol of integrity and respect.

    Mucch te Mashook Lyrics- English Translation

    Rukh samaye di hawa da bhaven hor ae
    Haale tak eh zameeran nahyo vikiyan
    Dilon dhanvaadi os rabb de
    Jeehne khoon vich palishaan ni likhiyan

    Need of the hour is different
    but I have not let go of my integrity
    I am thankful to the one great god
    who didn't make me oblivious/ignorant (like the rest)

    Mann milde ni hath vi milaiye na
    Pehle din ton thuk rakhi aa
    Lokan ne mashook rakhi honiye
    Par mittran ne muchh rakhi aa..(2x)

    If I can't relate to the person's beliefs
    then I don't believe in pretending that I do
    People chase girls (without having any integrity)
    but I have decided to keep integrity

    Baahla tatta khaan de shukeen nai
    Asi khaane aan shikar sada thar ke
    Virse ch mili baap daade ton
    Kade mile na daleri dand maar ke
    Khulla khaane han te guru ghare jaaniya
    Baabe Nanak ne sukh rakhi aa
    Lokan ne mashook rakhi honiye
    Par mitran ne much rakhi aa..(3x)

    I am not a fan of rushing things
    I let things take the time they need
    You get bravery from your ancestors,
    not by being a loud mouth
    I eat health and visit the house of God,
    Baba Nanak has blessed me with health
    People .........

    O hundi maut var badeyan ch ginti
    Aakh maili na kadi vi asi rakhi ae
    Jehdi karman ch hoyi bede labh du
    Laava lain ch sadda yakeen rakhiye
    Oy asi balleya na gaaik gore cham de
    Na hi jisman di bhuk raki aa
    Lokan ne mashook rakhi honiye
    Par mittran ne muchh rakhi aa

    My name is among the respected individuals of the town
    I don't play the game of lies and deceit with girls
    Parents will decide my soulmate
    I believe in marrying with proper customs and rituals
    I am not an admirer of white skin
    Nor do I have an unquenchable thirst of lust

    O 2-3 yaar jehde khaas ne
    Bas auna nal mildi ae matt bai
    Sab nu bula lai da haske
    Bhed dil waala dai da ae chak bai
    Oh taan hi maan goniaana aale ne
    Main kya lalli chali dukh rakhi aa
    Lokan ne mashook rakhi honi ae
    Par mittran ne mucchh rakhi aa

    There are a few close freinds
    who share the same belief system as I do
    Although I greet everyone wholeheartedly
    I don't usually give out secrets
    That is exactly why Mann from Gonianwala (Lyricist's name and village)
    has earned the respect and reputation he has