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Paranday Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation Bilal Saeed (Tange Rehnde Ne)


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  • Paranday Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation Bilal Saeed (Tange Rehnde Ne)

    Song - Paranday
    Singer - Bilal Saeed
    Lyrics and Composed by - Bilal Saeed

    Meaning: To understand the meaning of the song you will need to be familiar with the ritual of old times which included untying of Hair/Parandey (Gutt) when a girls husband died in young age. After that the girl never wore Parandey (or did any make up). Those parandey were left hanging on the walls. It was a cultural norm. At the time it signified that the girl has no reason to dress up to the nines as her husband/lover is dead. Paranda is an accessory that girls used to wear on their hair(mostly Gutt) to make it look heavy and beautiful. Just google the word Paranda and the picture that shows up is of a paranda.

    Lyrics with English Translation

    Beparwah naal akhiyan laiyan
    Taiyon haariyan ne
    Ik ik karke aasaan
    Is dil ne maariyan ne (x2)

    My eyes fell for someone who doesn't even care
    That is why they eventually lost
    One by one
    all the desires were killed off by this heart

    Akhiyan karan khatawan
    Mildi dil nu fer saza
    Hasde na kade vekhe
    Jehde karde lok wafa

    Eyes are the ones that make the mistake
    But it is the heart that pays for it eventually
    I have never seen them laughing (for long)
    the people who have dared to love

    Har wele oh rog hijar vich
    Dange rehnde ne

    All the time
    they are in deep pain (of separation from the lover/beloved)

    Fir killiyan de naal
    Paranday tange rehnde ne (x4)

    After that
    Parandey are left hanging on the hangers

    Aa sajna ajj jiyonde miliye
    Seene lag ik waari
    Moya je meri qabar te aayo
    Fir aana kis kaari

    Come sweetheart, lets meet while we are still alive
    Come in my arms, just once.
    If you come to my grave once I die
    What is the point of that?

    Kadon vichhode jiyondeyan de nal
    Changay rehnde ne

    When is separation ever
    good with the ones that are alive?

    Fir killiyan de naal
    Paranday tange rehnde ne (x4)

    Dil duniya di khede lag ke Kaise khaab sajaave
    Mitti deyan jisman de vich Pyaar peya labh da ve

    Heart usually dreams big following behind the world
    It is looking for love in the bodies made of dirt

    Taiyon haase bulliyan kolon
    Sange rehnde ne

    That is exactly why laughter
    shies away from the lips