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Traditional Gidha or Bhangra Dress for Women

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  • Traditional Gidha or Bhangra Dress for Women

    Traditional Gidda Dress for Women

    Traditional dress for gidda is quite elegant. It adds charm to feminine grace and is comfortable enough to allow women to perform giddha dance with ease. Giddha dress is quite simple and one can find women in rural Punjab donning it everyday. The only difference is that costume for giddha makes use of brighter colors and is complemented with heavy jewellery.

    Parts of Gidda Dress
    •Dupatta (chunni or scarf): This is heavily embroidered in a gidda costume.
    •Kameez (shirt)
    •Salwaar (baggy pants)
    •Tikka (jewellery on the forehead)
    •Jhumka (long dangling earrings)
    •Paranda (braid tassle)
    •Suggi-Phul (worn on head)
    •Raani-Haar (a long necklace made of solid gold)
    •Haar-Hamela (gem-studded golden necklace)
    •Baazu-Band (worn around upper-arm)
    •Pazaibs (anklets)

    Though salwar kammez is quite popular amongst women performing giddha dance but some also like to go in for lehanga (long flowing skirt) and choli (blouse). Sometimes women also wear sharraras (ghagara with split pants). In case of salwaar kameez, usually the kameez is of contrasting color from the dupatta and salwaar. In a gidda costume dupatta is not necessarily worn on the head.

    Women performing giddha dance also adorn themselves with a lot of jewellery including bangles, tikka, jhumkas, necklace and nath (nose ring). Characteristic feature of gidda dress is a paranda - a tassle that is woven into the braid. Womenfolk love to go in for longer and fancier parandas.