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Umeed Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation Babbu Maan


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  • Umeed Lyrics, Meaning & English Translation Babbu Maan

    Song: Umeed
    Artist: Babbu Maan
    Album/Movie: 31st October'

    Meaning: Umeed Means Hope

    Chalo geet umeed ka gungunaye
    Jahaan koyi khushi ki koi dhun sunaaye (x2)

    Let’s sing a song of hope
    Let’s have the world listen to a melody of happiness

    Ah baante hasi aah khuda ko manye
    Rabb niche aaye

    Let’s share happiness, let’s make up with God
    …..May God come down (on earth)

    Nai ik shurwat hone do apni
    Bas insaaniayat jaat rehne do apni
    Let’s have ourselves a new beginning
    Let’s only have humanity as our only caste

    Mohabat mohabbat zubaan pe ho apni
    Laghe chott tumko, ho nam aankh apni

    Love and only love be on our tongue
    Even when you get injured, my eyes should get moist

    Bhale din bhale lamhe aayege pher se
    Hasi yaade milake banaye ge pher se

    Good days, good moments will come back once again
    We will make happy memories together again

    Ye duniya barhi khubsurat jagha hai
    Tabhi ton khuda ne humein ye diya hai

    This world is a beautiful place
    That is why God has given this to us

    Aman aur Sakoon zindagi ka bhi hak hai
    Fizaon mein bikhraen ge inko hum tum
    Zameen asmaan hai usi ki nishani
    Milkar ehne fer sajayenge hum tum

    Peace and calm is the right of life
    We will scatter them around in the air together

    Earth and the skies are his souvenirs
    We will decorate/adorn them together

    Samandar samandar khangale ge hum tum
    Paharho ko milkar tarashe ge hum tum
    Je taufa hai kal ka chalo denge hum tum

    We will search oceans together
    We will carve mountains together
    We will give this gift of tomorrow (good future) to the world