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    Hey, I found this really helpful Article on 'Best Image Host' to host images.

    It’s something I’ve been discussing with my internet buddies and I feel it should be compiled and posted all in one place for easy access. So to quote myself:Imageshack has gone ghey. It’s a recent issue which gets very annoying due to their new policy. What’s worse is the constant reloading of all the images each time you check a page that contains images hosted by Imageshack. Your browser can’t cache Imageshack images properly, unlike other image hosts, due to Imageshack using an annoying cookie system to track from where you’re loading each image with every request your browser sends to them.
    They are indirectly insisting on everyone to have an account there in order to see their images. It’s also a possibility that you’re being tracked since it appears that the idea behind forcing people to signup there might be due to them keeping a record of the referrer info on their servers for statistical purpose. Aside from privacy concerns, there’s the restriction with Imageshack images getting replaced by that annoying frog. I personally find it unbearable and have stopped hosting images there.

    Tinypic and Photobucket are generally ok BUT they have an impolite habit of deleting images without notice, and I don’t mean just adult pics. It’s a known fact that Photobucket drops image links after a few months, I know a fair amount of people calling it the worst image host ever since they were badly deceived.

    Imgur is slow, perhaps only good for avatars and other small images, impractical for large png screenshots. That might perhaps change in the future with them expanding and upgrading to better servers.

    Another less reliable alternative is, less reliable due to the fact that they depend on donations to keep their servers running and might go down without notice

    Reliable hosts are Imagebam (no hotlinking) and Phyrefile (traffic-based limit on hotlinking) but despite their limitations, these two have never deleted any images in ages unless those images were against their TOS, but no deliberate deletion or moving of image links without notice.

    You could also consider creating a free Dropbox account, which has a 2GB size limit innit, and hotlink your images from your public folder. They are perfectly fine with that as long as you’re not generating an insane amount of traffic. The best thing about this method is your images will never get removed without notice since you have a synced copy of each image on your PC. Just make sure you don’t accidentally delete your local public folder or any images hotlinked from within that folder as it will sync automatically with your remote public folder and that would be a chaotic situation, perhaps not a good choice for careless and oblivious people.

    Best Image Host