Jukebox is the new EP by Jeeti featuring Angrej Ali, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Preet Harpal, Ravi Duggal and Sarvar. It consists of 6 Songs which are brand new. Oh boy, the album is mind blowing.

Ban Ke Saheban is the crown jewel of the album. Finally a song which has a good beat and meaningful lyrics. Jeeti did complete justice to the song. Ranjhana is equally awesome, beat is addicting. As always, Lehmber made Boliyan worthwhile. Oh Janeh Na provides depth to the album. Veh Mahi is in two versions, second one is a dance mix. I would say this is an outstanding piece of work by Jeeti. Below are the links to the songs, their lyrics and with full videos in few cases and Promos in others. You could download mp3 versions of these songs from youtube, or buy the EP.


All Songs from the Album 'Jukebox' by Jeeti

Ban Ke Sahiban.Angrej Ali.Jeeti.Jukebox.Song Lyrics & Video
Ve Maahi.Preet Harpal.Jeeti.Jukebox.Song Lyrics & Video
Ranjhana.Ravi Duggal.Jeeti.Jukebox.Song Lyrics & Video
Oh Janeh Ja.Sarvar.Jeeti.Jukebox.Song Lyrics & Video
Boliyan.Lehmber Hussainpuri.Jeeti.Jukebox.Song Lyrics & Video