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Inception Review.Christopher Nolan,Leonardo DiCaprio


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  • Inception Review.Christopher Nolan,Leonardo DiCaprio

    Directer: Christopher Nolan
    Christopher Nolan (screenplay)


    Leonardo DiCaprio ... Cobb
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Arthur
    Ellen Page ... Ariadne
    Tom Hardy ... Eames
    Ken Watanabe ... Saito
    Dileep Rao ... Yusuf
    Cillian Murphy ... Robert Fischer
    Tom Berenger ... Peter Browning
    Marion Cotillard ... Mal
    Pete Postlethwaite ... Maurice Fischer
    Michael Caine ... Miles
    Lukas Haas ... Nash
    Tai-Li Lee ... Tadashi
    Claire Geare ... Phillipa (3 years)
    Magnus Nolan ... James (20 months)

    In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job till date, Inception.

    The movie takes place in an alternate present or the very near future, the only difference to our own being shared dreams, which is the premiss of the movie. Some people get into others' minds while they are dreaming and steal information (notably, for espionage and investigation). Our story revolves around Dom Cobb, one of the aforementioned "mind thieves". He is offered a job he can't refuse-the inception(for those that don't know, inception means birth, beginning and so on), instead of theft, of a thought. The job is, obviously, considered impossible, yet Dom claims it is possible and forms a team to complete it.

    In order to complete the impossible task preparations are required, and that way we are introduced to the dream world. The dream world has certain rules, some based on reality(such as, you can't remember how the dream started) and some fictional, but they have a reasonable explanation in the movie. The obvious idea that comes to mind is dreams inside dreams, which leads to interesting things, but might confuse some people. The confusion, however, is experienced by some of the characters themselves, they doubt whether what they see is actually real, or just a dream. And we doubt with them.

    There is no message or morale in the film, it's centred around the plot and nothing else. The plot is great, it's not overcomplicated or shallow. The plot's taking place inside a dream makes it possible for unreal things to happen, like the city rolling to a box-like shape from the trailer and some action scenes. All the special effects are excellent, but they don't steal the show- the movie doesn't lose track just to say "look! pretty". To make the plot interesting, the audience has to care about the characters. And Nolan made sure we do.

    The characters are all good. Everyone has a purpose in the plot, and in the plan, and everyone fulfills their part, be it in the plan or in the movie itself. As I said the movie centres around the plot, so the characters support the plot and not the other way around, where the plot is written for the character development.

    Overall, Inception is excellent in many aspects, and suits almost everyone. Great action scenes are packed together with superb effects to make the movie enjoyable for those who like action. On the other hand those who like cleverness and originality, will be satisfied too. After the credits started rolling I felt that I got more than I expected. Go see the movie and you won't be disappointed.

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