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Song: Ye Duniya Ye Mehfil
Album/Movie: Heer Ranjha

Meaning: This song is expression of grief by a lover who has lost everything.

Lyrics of Ye Duniya Ye Mehfil with English Translation

Ye duniya, ye mehfil mere kaam kee naheen
This world, This congregation, isn't of any use to me

kis ko sunaaoo haal dila-ye-bekaraar kaa
To whom shoud I tell the state of this restless heart

buzataa huaa charaag hoo apane majaar kaa
I am an extinguishing lamp of my tomb

Aye kaash bhool jaaoo, magar bhoolataa nahee
I wish that I could somehow forget all this, But I can't

Kis dhoom se utha tha, janaajaa bahaar kaa
With how much pomp and fame did the funeral of my blooming love took place

Apna pata mile, naa khabar yaar kee mile
Neither I could reach myself nor my love

Dushman ko bhee naa ayesee sajaa pyaar kee mile
Even an shouldn't get such punishment for falling in love

Unko khuda mile hain khudaa kee jinhe talaash
Those who seek God, I wish that they find him

Mujh ko bas ek zalak mere dildaar kee mile
I only wish to have a glimpse of my sweetheart

Sehraa mein aake bhi, muz ko thhikana naa mila
Even after coming in this wilderness(loneliness), I didn't found a a shelter

Gam ko bhoolaane kaa, koee bahaanaa naa milaa
I couldn't get any excuse to forget my woes/pain

Dil tarase jis mein pyaar ko, kyaa samzho us sansaar ko
What should I percieve of this world in which heart intensely desires for love

Ek jeetee baajee haar ke, main dhoondhoo bichhade yaar ko
Upon loosing an game of love which I had almost won, I am yet again looking for love

Door nigaahon se aansoo bahaataa hain koee
Somewhere far ways, Someone is shedding tears from their eyes

Kaise na jaun mai, muz ko bulaataa hain koee
How could I not got when someone is calling for me

Yaa toote dil ko jod do, yaa saare bandhan tod do
Either fix this broken heart or break all these bondages

Aye parabat rastaa de muze, aye kaanton daaman chhod do
Oh mountains, free my way away. Oh thorns, leave my association

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